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Business Intelligence

Enterprise Business Intelligence Services

Business intelligence (BI) is a broad term that refers to the way organisations analyse, report and visualise data using analytical software services and tools such as Microsoft Power BI. Traditionally, organizations and IT specialists used business intelligence technologies to develop a detailed picture of a business and its current state. Today, this functionality is not enough. Modern business intelligence systems not only help make informed decisions, educated guesses and develop strategies – every day they support critical choices made by the people running your company. BI solutions bring together multiple data sources, enabling businesses to gain deeper insights and actionable intelligence to drive strategic, informed decision making. 

Omreon offers Business Intelligence Services for BI Dashboard Development, BI Implementation, and BI Architecture Designing. We help you to utilise best-in-class business intelligence tools such as MicrosoftPower BI, Spotfire, Tableau, MicroStrategy,  Qlik Sense and Qlik View.

Business intelligence services provided by Omreon can be used to measure a wide range of metrics and KPIs using data from financial, marketing, customer service, HR and operations departments. With all data synchronised in one report, businesses and different departments can establish stronger links between different business functions as everyone has a shared view and understanding of performance.

Benefits of Using Business Intelligence Tools

With easy to use dashboards and rich visualisation, Omreon enables you to analyse data with greater speed and understanding – so you can discover more insights and reach new levels of efficiency and growth.
  • Faster analysis, intuitive dashboards
  • Increased organizational efficiency
  • Data-driven business decisions
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Trusted and governed data

The right business intelligence analytics solution empowers businesses to make smart and quick decisions. Through state-of-the-art business intelligence and data insights solutions, we help client’s data analysts and data scientists to use data and related resources in real time. This allows them to visualize and update transactional data sets, apply prescriptive and predictive analytics, and report both historical and current information. Wecan either integrate third-party analytic business intelligence services into your enterprise’s system or build a custom BI solution that will exclusively cater to specific business needs and process critical data in real time.

With embedded BI modules, all the critical data is accessible and available within one enterprise BI service, due to consolidated analytics tools and reporting features. We work with platform-based business intelligence solutions to deliver actionable insights from big data. Our experts modify modules and plugins developed by third-party vendors and integrate them into the enterprise’s BI solutions for infrastructure management.

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