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Omreon and Trailblu Announce New Partnership: A Step Towards the No-Code AI Age


Omreon is pleased to announce a new partnership with Trailblu, an AI-powered testing tool provider. This partnership promises to reshape the landscape of Omreon’s business and provide industry-leading solutions to its clients.

Trailblu boasts extensive experience in mobile app testing and has worked with sector-leading clients. With their service, businesses can identify and rectify issues before releasing the app, saving significant time and money. Thorough testing not only enhances the user experience but also increases user satisfaction, ultimately driving more downloads and revenue.

At Omreon, we are committed to innovation, excellence, and delivering top-notch solutions to our clients. We are confident that our collaboration with Trailblu, renowned for its unwavering dedication to technological advancement and customer satisfaction, will help us achieve our objectives. We are poised to offer transformative solutions to our clients and assist them in their digital transformation journey.

About Omreon

Omreon is a global software powerhouse, providing secure, transformative, and industry-leading solutions for businesses across the spectrum. Our expertise spans cyber security, software development, DevOps, and tech outsourcing. We’re on a mission to make top-tier cloud and digital services accessible to all, with a commitment to industry-leading service and a drive to innovate continuously. Our passion and ambition drive us to deliver solutions that meet and exceed expectations, affirming our position as the partner of choice for businesses embarking on their digital transformation journey.


TRAILBLU is an AI-powered no-code testing tool that helps you test your mobile and web apps. With Trailblu’s AI-powered ability, organizations can improve their app performance with visual testing and self-healing features. Mobile app testing is now more crucial than ever. Prioritizing it ensures high-quality, reliable apps that meet users’ needs. Learn more about TrailBlu.