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Omreon Announces Silver Partnership and Key Participation at the IDC Security Summit 2023


We at OMREON are excited to share our Silver Partnership for the upcoming IDC Security Summit 2023, set to take place at the Raffles Hotel in Istanbul, Türkiye on 19 September 2023. In today’s world, where cybersecurity is vital for businesses, our partnership with this summit shows our strong commitment to building a safe and strong digital future.

We’re doing more than just partnering; we’ll have a booth to display our latest solutions and will also play an important role in the Silver Partners Panel Discussion. We invite everyone to come to our booth to see what we offer. Also, don’t miss our panel discussion, where our team will share valuable insights and knowledge.

Security technologies have grown a lot recently, thanks to new tech developments and businesses focusing more on digital strategies. Türkiye is actively working in this area, with companies increasing their security measures to support new ideas and projects. The IDC Security Summit 2023 is a great place for professionals to learn about the newest security updates and meet leading cybersecurity experts from around the world.

Our active involvement and Silver Partnership at the summit show how dedicated we are to improving security. Working with the IDC Security Summit is a big step for us in helping create a secure digital world, both in Türkiye and beyond.

Make sure to visit our booth and join our Panel Discussion session!

For those looking to attend, you can register for the IDC Security Summit 2023 here.