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Omreon and Wiz Announce a New Partnership to Revolutionize Cloud Security


Omreon is pleased to announce its  partnership with Wiz, a leader in cloud security. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to delivering advanced protection for our mutual client’s valuable data and digital assets in their cloud environments including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and VMware vSphere.

Wiz is on a mission to help organizations create secure cloud environments that accelerate their businesses. By rapidly discovering and visualizing cloud deployments via its best-in-class Security Graph, the Wiz platform enables organizations to identify, prioritize and remove critical risks. By joining the Wiz Partner Program, Omreon is keen to provide our customers with comprehensive and innovative security solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Our partnership brings together: Wiz’s Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) and Omreon’s exceptional managed services. By combining these strengths, we can provide a holistic approach to protecting your multi-cloud environment.

We understand that every organization has unique security requirements, so our partnership with Wiz enables us to provide tailored solutions that address these specific needs. Whether you operate in a highly regulated industry or require additional compliance monitoring, our combined expertise allows us to deliver customized security solutions aligned with your business objectives.

This partnership between Omreon and Wiz represents a significant step forward in revolutionizing cloud security and managed services. Together, we are equipped to deliver exceptional levels of protection and support.

About Omreon

Omreon is a global software powerhouse, providing secure, transformative, and industry-leading solutions for businesses across the spectrum. Our expertise spans cyber security, software development, DevOps, and tech outsourcing. We’re on a mission to make top-tier cloud and digital services accessible to all, with a commitment to industry-leading service and a drive to innovate continuously. Our passion and ambition drive us to deliver solutions that meet and exceed expectations, affirming our position as the partner of choice for businesses embarking on their digital transformation journey.

About Wiz

Wiz transforms cloud security for customers – including 35% of the Fortune 100 – by enabling a new operating model. With Wiz, organizations can democratize security across the development lifecycle, empowering them to build fast and securely. Its Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) drives visibility, risk prioritization, and business agility, and is #1 based on customer reviews. Learn more at