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How to Unlock Hiring Potential with Omreon & SecureFlag

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Our blog provides an in-depth look at the unique partnership of Omreon & SecureFlag, which goes beyond simply providing educational materials. It offers a comprehensive approach to professional development with personalized learning, ongoing support, and access to an active community of like-minded professionals. This ensures that employees not only acquire new skills but also receive the resources and support necessary to succeed in their roles.

   “ When a candidate enters IT or changes jobs, he expects that he will not only find himself in a market where he will look for the products of the future but also find a place where his professional future will be more attractive than his present.
         The role of HR personnel here is to develop the company by finding ways to increase people’s desire and enthusiasm for work. We want to help employees realize their potential, create a development plan, and provide the necessary tools.
         In the IT world, training is a continuous process that requires employees not only to improve technically but also to be psychologically prepared for constant growth. Even if you have a full set of hard skills and passed testing with 100% last year, improvement is still necessary. This is due to annual innovations, new programs, and technologies. Therefore, undergoing training and regular assessment are extremely important.”   – Merve Nur Aslan / Psychologist & HR Sp. at Omreon

Functional Testing

When it comes to assessing candidates for a job vacancy, traditional methods such as interviews and resume screening only scratch the surface. To truly evaluate a candidate’s abilities, especially in technical positions, user testing becomes a powerful tool.

It is used to assess hard skills, knowledge of skills in the professional field. We identify academic and functional knowledge, abilities, and skills to understand how effectively the employee will perform the job. Also, functional testing is used for periodic evaluation to understand promotion eligibility, job fit, and further training.

Benefits of Tech Talent Assessment

SecureFlag platform offers effective tools for assessing technical talents, and assisting employers in making informed hiring decisions. It enables comparison of candidates’ results and saves time by conducting assessments in an automated mode, significantly reducing the hiring process duration. This approach helps identify both candidates’ strengths and areas needing improvement, facilitating the selection of the most suitable candidates, thus enhancing the quality of new hires and reducing the risk of unsuccessful hires. By evaluating candidates’ technical skills and abilities, these tools can also help predict their success in specific roles. In summary, SecureFlag aids companies in finding top candidates and improving the overall personnel selection process.

Transforming Corporate Training Practices

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, staying ahead requires more than just traditional training methods. It demands innovative approaches that engage employees and equip them with practical skills. This is precisely what the collaboration between Omreon and SecureFlag aims to achieve.

More and more companies are realizing the need to manage this process effectively. If we break down the process into three stages, it looks something like this:

● Identifying specialist requirements and understanding needs
● The training process itself
● Monitoring and evaluation

Through corporate training, employees update their knowledge and skills, while the company gains the specialists it needs without resorting to external hiring.

SecureFlag in Action:

Bringing together Omreon’s expertise in providing individual IT solutions with the innovative training platform SecureFlag, this ensures an unparalleled dynamic learning experience. Instead of passive learning and dull training sessions, teams can immerse themselves in interactive practical learning modules that simulate real-life scenarios, allowing them to apply their skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Hard Skills Spotlight

User testing gives candidates an idea of the real-life tasks they will be expected to perform on the job. Secureflag simulates a desktop environment using a real code editor. By immersing candidates in scenarios that mirror real-life workflows, fully customized development environments built on demand and accessible through a web browser, recruiters can evaluate how well candidates adapt to job requirements.

The training complex is designed for Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, API Developers, Desktop App Developers, DevOps Engineers, Cloud Engineers, Build/Release Engineers, and QA Engineers.

From Novice to Cyber Commander

Training Labs provides training in secure programming using a wide range of specially designed virtualized laboratories, providing an engaging learning experience. These labs are browser-based, so access to them and work is very fast.

As a result, developers quickly master the necessary skills and knowledge, reducing errors in code writing, learning how to eliminate existing vulnerabilities, and prevent vulnerabilities from arising in the future. The most important aspect of SecureFlag is that you can customize your labs according to the needs of your business.

Tournaments and Community Events

The tournament fosters friendship and competition within the team, allowing them to demonstrate their new secure coding skills! Teamwork is a key element of successful teams. Increase developer engagement in your organization. Compete effectively and improve your secure coding skills. Share earned points and certificates.


User testing can be easily automated, streamlining the hiring process and saving time for both recruiters and candidates. With Secureflag’s specialized user testing software, recruiters can effectively conduct tests and analyze the results. Using a platform to train professionals is an important asset for an organization. It provides effective tools for developing staff, improving their skills and adapting to rapidly changing market demands. This allows the company to remain at the forefront of its industry, providing a competitive advantage and successfully achieving business goals. A professional learning platform that develops professional skills, drives growth and innovation, and improves employee efficiency and productivity. 

SecureFlag is a proud OWASP Partner, providing training for all OWASP members alongside its Enterprise edition for corporate clients.

To get more insight into Secureflag, contact us: presales@omreon.comOmreon’s team of experts is ready to help you to revolutionize your workplace!