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Hacking: It’s Changed, Should Our Data Security Change?


Victims of hacking lost over $4.2 billion in 2020, in the United States alone. Hacking and malware are far from the creative pranks that they used to be. With tactics and technology advancing so rapidly, should our data security services change to meet the challenge?

What is Hacking?

At its core, hacking is the act of breaching a data system and rooting around in systems that one wouldn’t usually have access to. Hacks can take many forms and can come through a litany of weaknesses; from phishing attacks to the exploitation of network vulnerabilities. 

Once inside a system, hackers will often deploy malware, steal data, or vandalize what they can. 

How Hacking has Changed Over Time

While hacking began as a form of creative vandalism by early programmers, modern hacking has become more dangerous and destructive. Typical hacks can involve anything from the defacing of a website to the massive data breach of a significant firm. The sheer scale that modern hacks can reach makes cyberthreats a challenging obstacle to overcome. 

Why Should Our Data Security Change?

Data security services need to change because the nature of cyber threats has progressed so far. Hackers have far more ways to access data than ever before. With far more data available on the cloud than ever, even a minor breach could escalate. 

The Actual Data Hacks that Threaten Us Today

The most prominent form of hacking in the news as of late has been ransomware. This is a dangerous form of malware that encrypts a user’s files, barring them access to their own computer. A “ransom” in the form of cryptocurrency (usually Bitcoin) is demanded in exchange for the decryption key. There have been plenty of incidents of victims left keyless after payment, though. 

Another hack that has occurred quite frequently is breaches of wi-fi powered cameras. While isolated incidents of a house or two are common, several large breaches have also happened. In one incident, homes in the US and factories in China were exposed in the same hack!

The Future of Cyber Security

Given the growing interconnectivity of devices, the future of cybersecurity lies in being able to scale a defense to cover all vulnerabilities. As technology advances and new threats evolve, firms continue to develop solutions both independently and through industry organizations, such as PCI DSS

Data security consultancy firms have spent many years pioneering software and deployment strategies to address new technologies and the vulnerabilities they introduce. Many firms offer remote monitoring and management. 

Conclusion: Should I Seek Data Security Services?

The best advice about data security services one could offer is not to go at it alone. Omreon’s Istanbul based development team works around the clock to develop new products and services to address the changing nature of modern cyber threats. Get in touch with us today to get your free quote, and start your digital transformation!