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Attack Surface Management – Network Armor for Every Business

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Devices and people play an important role in shaping the attack surface. In this blog, we will focus particularly on devices. This is due to the rapid development of digital technologies, which are becoming an integral part of our daily lives and business. In this regard, information protection is becoming an increasingly high priority. Most hacking incidents occur due to a range of vulnerabilities at the perimeter that evade detection, such as uninstalled updates on servers, errors in database configurations, and unmonitored “shadow” IT.

One of the key aspects in cybersecurity is Attack Surface Management (ASM). ASM is a relatively new concept and involves a strategy aimed at identifying and protecting all points of access to your network and information from potential cyber threats.

Keep reading to learn more about attack surfaces and how to reduce the attack surface in your organization. 

The Advantages of ASM 

In simple terms, when an administrator cannot accurately determine the number of IP addresses and subdomains under his control, this becomes a signal to use attack surface management (ASM). If a company has only two IP addresses and three domains, then it is possible that checking the entire infrastructure manually will not be difficult and will not require a significant investment of time and resources. However, when doubts begin to arise regarding the number of domains or IP addresses, then Attack Surface Management must be applied. This technique allows you to automate the process of identifying and managing all elements of the attacked surface, providing more accurate and comprehensive protection against cyber threats

The internal functionality of the scanner may differ between products, but in a general sense it performs the same tasks:

Dangers on the horizon: Small-to-Medium Business 

Many small-to-medium-sized companies often underestimate the threat of cyber attacks. However, statistics show the opposite: about 43% of cyber attacks occur specifically against them. The paradox is that only 14% of such companies have adequate protection measures. Companies with 10 to 500 employees most often suffer significant losses as a result of an attack.

In a small company, maintaining records and updating data in scanners can be relatively easy. However, as the company grows and expands, the process becomes more complex. Often, new assets are included without documentation, resulting in lapses in security scanning.

This can lead to a false sense of security when scanners show everything is fine, when in reality, there are unaccounted-for assets. This situation creates the risk of security breaches that could be an unpleasant surprise for the organization in the future. Therefore, it is important to carefully maintain asset records and regularly update information in scanners to avoid such situations.

Keep Your Company Safe with Effective Attack Surface Management.

To effectively protect your network, it is recommended to thoroughly study the IT environment and evaluate all elements of the attack surface. This will allow you to develop a defense strategy focused on preventing incidents and promptly responding to them.

Although reducing the attack surface may seem difficult, it is necessary to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. By investing in cybersecurity early on, companies can save millions of dollars. Gartner strongly recommends increased investment in continuous vulnerability monitoring (EASM) tools. Ready to reduce your attack surface? Find out how Omreon can help with this by contacting us at